Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I love music in a non cliche way.

Hurrah for Leeds Festival!
While MCR headlining still disturbs me, I'm pretty happy with the rest. Seasick Steve, Cage The Elephant, Frank Turner and Noah and the Whale are where it's at for me. Might go see some of the more hardcore bands so I can pretend I'm a mad bastard. I heard a rumour Red Hot Chili Peppers were headlinig which got me very excited, but those hopes were crushed by that piece of yellow paper...

On the topic of music, you'd think living in a house full of musical instruments would make someone super awesome. No. The drums are fxcking loud, the keyboard is dusty, the 3 guitars are my brother's and I sold the clarinet. There was a trumpet about at one stage but that's disappeared... In short, when I read articles where artists say they 'grew up surrounded by music' it doesn't impress me. Mate, please, my dad has Classic FM on when I get home and my mum listens to Take That's album at an annoyingly loud volume. My brother plays his drums and blasts 'DEATH4EVA' or something similar from his ipod.
I too, am surrounded by music.