Monday, 13 June 2011

We want to live like common people.

Just applied for Work Experience at NME. Am not telling anyone, because by doing that i'll get my hopes up, as I imagine these places are as rare as a sober Lindsey Lohan. But since nobody reads this, I am safe! Oh small pleasures.
If I do get in (careful rachel, dreaming big here) I will stay with my Uncle and pretend I actually live in London and am ultra-hip and totally COOL. Fabulous.

The title has nothing to do with this, I just have the song in my head.


Thursday, 2 June 2011

I pledge my allegiance...

Am going out tonight to watch a play in my villiage.
Already it sounds f a b u l o u s. In true style am going to down the end of my Smirnoff and stagger over; apparently we get supper halfway through (?!) Another rumour is that it will be salmon.... I do not like salmon very much. Not very much at all. There won't even be a convinient dog to feed it to, might try and sit near a bin.

In the summertime I will update this much more, I might even be doing interesting enough things to fill it with GOD FORBID. I will pass my driving test and I will go on an adventure. Probably to the nearest beach but an adventure none the less. On a more positive note, bought some shorts t'other day. Feel very patriotic in them, but for the wrong country unfortunately. Go Obama.