Monday, 31 January 2011

i'm allowed to like Ke$ha.

how could you not love this?!

It's hard to accept. It took me a long time before I was willing to admit it, but yes. I love Kesha. There's no denying it anymore! She's hilariously awful, her songs are lyrical genius, ('looking sick and sexyfied' is a prime example...) and bless her soul she looks like she's been camping, ALL THE TIME. But there's something about her oh so wonderful tunes that make me happy. She's easy to listen to, and I can pretend no longer that I don't enjoy when she starts sounding like a dying robot.

It's not just Kesha either. Ever since getting a DAB radio I'm finding chart music harder and harder to resist! Tinie Tempah is my one true love, everything that comes out of his mouth is perfect in my eyes. And I want all of his jackets... I used to hate the top 40, for a while mainstream music was absolutely shocking, and all I ever listened to was my little bands, discovered through 'related artists' on Spotify. (moment to love Spotify <3) I still do. A good British band over American rappers anyday! But I've given up the fight against the tide of *shudders* pop stars. I love The Saturdays, I secretly love The Wanted. Alternative music will always be my number one, but I'm done hiding.

*Disclaimer: I will never love JLS. Ever.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

It's in the jeans.

Ordered some new jeans from ASOS, classified as 'rust coloured'. They sound delightful, right? Well they are, for some reason just having jeans in a colour that isn't blue or black makes me feel so much better. Also recently purchased some camel coloured ones from Toppers. They just seem to work. Am tempted to invest in the green trend, but since everybody seems to have a pair I might give it a miss. Nothing more frustrating than a trend exploding, especially after you know you were doing it weeks before! How am I to pave the way in fashion when everyone in the common room is a clone of one another?!
I have the answer.
Next stop, multicoloured jeans. Joseph would be proud.

Friday, 14 January 2011


To steal the words of James Morrison (other people probably say this, but he's prettier) 'is there anybody home?' Wish more people I knew had blogs that I could stalk. Am following a fair few but gaining nothing in return. Once more I struggle on, Indian for tea tonight, nom.

If I was a pug, I would look like this...

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Thank you ladies

Saw 'Made in Dagenham' last night at the theatre, that film works so much better when you're surrounded by the people of that era who get all the jokes! Though viewing slightly ruined by an old couple behind me who kept having to tell each other what was going on... The theatre had even managed to score Billy Ivory, an all round jack of all film trades and the writer of this film. His introductory speech was insightful, and he was in no way let down by his wonderful film.

I've grown up in a time where women have the vote, have (mostly) equal pay and are (mostly) no longer spoken to like they're less intelligent, and we're constantly bombarded with demands from previous generations to apprectiate what they did for us. But it's hard, isn't it? Hard to appreciate something that you've not experienced. Of course I'm glad they did it, glad they fought for our rights but I can't turn round and say 'wow, i'm so grateful for those women' when truthfully, I don't often think about it.

In years to come, we can't still penalise women for not thinking about the uproar of the 60s all the time. We've moved on, the world is a very different place now. We can't keep dragging things out of the history archives and desperately try to remember them all out of guilt. Just accept that they were powerful, inspiring women, they protested and fought and ultimately, changed social standards. We are thinking about it. Let us live the life they set up for us.