Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Rachel's smothering killed the cat*

Time out from the angry rants, time to tell you that I love cats (cue the eharmony girl style emotional breakdown).
I was recently challenged to sway an opinion on the animals, but I believe you are either a cat or dog person. You can like both but deep down you probably resent the smell of your dog or the claws of your cat. So sorry, I am to be deeply disappointing about this. You can be apathetic, or you can hate them so much that when Edgar tried to murder the Aristocats you felt slight arousal. But you can't deny that they are hilarious feline f***ers, so instead of my mediocre writing abilities I give you a cat, in a pot, dressed as a lobster...meow.

*DISCLAIMER- I have never harmed a cat.*

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