Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Pass the testosterone...

Urban Outfitters = love
Oh how i wish i was a man.
I just know i would look like this (...cough). I can't understand how so many men don't dress as beautifully as this chap! It's easy to get it wrong but oh, oh so easy to find great clothes for guys and, (providing you have some form of quiff) so easy to pull off!

We have it difficult, there are almost too many places to shop and a shocking amount of stores that sell terrible, terrible clothing; the sort that leaves you fuming because someone further up the line has a job in design that you could be doing with your eyes shut. I know knitwear, lace and print are in but all at once?! No. Just no.

Recently my friend remarked- 'Rachel, you're not wearing any men's clothes today!' Sometimes I leave shops wondering why on earth this cardigan, or that jacket was made for a man in the first place. Unluckily for men, they can't have it both ways. With of course, a few exceptions, they're stuck with what they get given. Girls? We can roam up and down the shop without getting strange looks and if we do, there's always the 'I'm buying for my boyfriend' line. Slightly depressing after several uses but it does the job.

Granted there are some men's clothes I can't wear. The trousers, for instance, are a no, and I probably couldn't pull off a deep v-neck with 'LADYKILLER' plastered across the front... But there's something satisfactory about wearing clothes that weren't designed for you. A rebellious act that makes me feel better, because I searched it out from behind the boxers instead of grabbing the first thing in the window. Only time I ever regretted my wild ways, was when I met up with a guy and we were wearing the same shirt... Needless to say he kept his coat on.

Next time you're perusing with no luck, stroll down to the men's section. Just don't tell any male friends or you might have to share.

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