Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Royal Fail.

Not happy Royal Mail, not happy.
I see the junk mail managed to fight it's way through the backlog... My Elle magazine however, is missing in action. Presumed dead. Signed, sealed and lost in the post, in the apt words of the Wombats. It seems trivial to get upset over something so seemingly insignificant but I really do love that magazine and, foolishly, I thought that by getting subscription it would enable me not only to recieve the fabulous special covers, but recieve them on time.

I plan to go out and buy it, so I've effectively payed twice. Maybe this is their plan? Hatchette Filipatcchi you sly dogs. But, sod's law says i'll return home to find it sitting on the doorstep. That's just the way life works.

Above, my beloved magazines. A small collection. For now.

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