Sunday, 17 July 2011


Passed said driving test! Adventures will commence promptly. First trip in the car was yesterday to.....ok it was to the Co-op but everyone has to start somewhere. Feel like I still need to ask permission to go places but I DON'T.


I could just go, anywhere, right now. RIGHT NOW. I feel a bit shaky. I can't even cook bacon, how am I supposed to drive myself anywhere?! I've lived in the same place for 9 years now and I still don't know which lanes to be in at traffic lights. Moved all my CDs into my car yesterday, can now finally achieve my dream of being one of those people who can say things like 'Oh, that CD? Darn, its' in my car, hang on, i'll just grab my keys..'
I HAVE KEYS NOW. More than just a house key, oh no, these are my CAR KEYS. These, when swung nonchalantly round my fingers make me look oh so cool and sophisticated.

And then make me look a bit of a prat when they fly off.

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