Saturday, 30 July 2011

Take notice.

It is very easy to be fashionable when everyone can see.

Lady Gaga is praised for her outrageous style choices - but they work because we see them, we see them in pictures, she's out every night parading her latest meat-based creations. Would she dress differently if she were a 9 to 5 office worker? Of course, because then, no one would see.

We dress to impress...other people. Argue all you like, when it comes down to it, what other people think does matter. And if nobody is going to appreciate the length you've gone to creating that look today, why bother? Fashionable people surround themselves with other fashionable people, so that when they wear that coat, or stride out in those heels, people notice. People see.

if you can't get deer...

It's hard. Sometimes I imagine outfits, or try them on and think - this would only look good in a picture, I can't go out like this. If I were in a forest, surrounded by stuffed deer and expensive handbags, strategically placed to look oh so avant garde, then this outfit would be perfect. But when I have to sit in classrooms all day, there is no point investing in the leather fetish trend - the air con doesn't work and I do not want to melt in the common room. Age also has something to do with it. Elle magazine do copious 'what to wear to the office' pieces, but somehow turning up to geography in silk wide legs, a wool blazer and oversized clutch seems ridiculous.

ChloƩ Resort 2012 Fashion Week Photos 528606
just on my way to english lit...
 So I will wait. I'll wait until I reach the point where I can fling down a trench coat onto my desk without being met by glares, from various people whose papers I have just blown everywhere. My trouser suit time will come. Someone will notice, someone will see.

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