Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Never heard back from NME,

Need to get ready for Leeds festival (moment to be kool). Must get myself a tent, some form of clothing, and probably a way there. After failing my driving test, don't cry for me, please, I have re-booked it for ******** But I'm not telling anyone. Recently chatted to someone who does journalism at University, we bonded over our mutual hatred of Tumblr and mutual love of Kings of Leon (old material, of course, cause we're fookin indie). When I've passed said test (please lord) I will go out on an adventure and then I might have something worth writing about. Thought of a good topic t'other day but I have since forgotten.


omfg my knees are so fucking indie.
p.p.s these aren't my knees, unless you are a knee-pad specialist why would you take a picture of just some knees. Maybe whoever took the picture started collapsing.

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