Monday, 16 January 2012

Girls v Boys v Society

Feeling particularly sorry for myself today.
The men vs women debate is probably the oldest and one that's caused the most drama. Within the general argument there are mini ones - does being kicked in the crotch hurt more than labour? Who has to make the first relationship move? WHO'S BETTER AT MARIO KART?! The fact is, gender roles have changed dramatically over time. Back in yesteryear, men and womens' roles were clearly defined; men did the hard labour, were the breadwinners, while women had the children, and were the gossipers. For a long time (and today in some countries) women were not educated, it was deemed a waste of time; sewing and cooking were all we needed to provide for the men. I'm not a feminist at all, (I like my bras too much) so I can appreciate that men had it hard too. Come the war, and without much say in the matter, they were shipped off to fight for their country - something I doubt every male wanted. For a while our men were heroes, and they could boast about it as much as they liked, you couldn't deny the sacrifices they'd made.

Today the argument is different. As we develop technologically, men and women's roles have merged, sometimes reversed. I base this strongly on the developed world, there are places where a more traditional gender divide still stands. Women operate machinery, are educated to high, equal standards. Men can stay at home with the children, while sewing was a job for spinsters, now male fashion designers dominate the industry.

So when it comes down to the argument, you've got to get technical. Make a list of the stereotypical things each gender is saddled with and its safe to say, biologically speaking, women come out on top. Once a month, every month, and I don't even have to finish that sentence and the men are running for the hills. Women endure childbirth - despite the Oscar worthy performances footballers give, labour IS worse than a kick in the balls. As for the relationship argument, that's not genetics, that's something we've created socially, and its down to personality whether or not you make the first move.

I don't know what the future will bring to this argument, but I can't see it changing that much. The fact is, on paper, women have more to 'deal' with than men. We are not superior. Men are not superior. Individuals rise above others but as genders we all face similar difficulties. So next time your girlfriend/sister/friend is complaining of stomach cramps, don't try and compare it to the time 'stevo got me where it hurt' because, no, fuck that. This shit blows.

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