Thursday, 5 January 2012

Isn't it nice to look nice?

Why are women penalised so much for wanting to change their bodies?
If a man tried to get fit, went to the gym a lot, sure some may see him as vain but on the whole, there's no questions asked.
As for women, we're constantly bombarded with urgent messages: 'STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF' 'DON'T CHANGE FOR ANYONE!' Erm excuse me but is my desire to have a nice body really such an anti-feminist crime?

I am content with my personality. I like myself, sure, but I couldn't say I was 100% happy about the way I look. No big changes, I don't plan to go under the knife or spend a month eating crackers, but sometime I'd like to do something about 'certain parts'. These changes would make me feel better about myself, make me more confident, and ultimately happier. I see no issue there, do you? While I find it hard to comprehend the pain and expense some go through to achieve a look they want, I also find it hard to find fault. If they want to change their bodies, why shouldn't they? Granted, many of them do it for increased male attention, but if that's their aim in life then who are we to judge?

The phrase 'beauty captures attention, personality captures heart' always amuses me. It proves what we all figured out a long time ago. That, eventually, personality is what shines though, and keeps couples together. But our 'beauty', our physical appearance, is what attracts us in the first place. You could be the nicest girl in the world but god forbid, if you have bad hair, or a wonky nose or dodgy dress sense, it can be hard getting people to notice you.

My mantra: don't worry about worrying! In the animal kingdom those crazy mammals do all sorts to attract mates! If you feel like you want to change something, do it! If it's going to enhance what's really important - your personality. Just don't get hung up. Don't spend hours in front of a mirror fretting, I've done it and it got me nowhere, so I downloaded an app, and now I'm off.

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