Saturday, 7 January 2012


Tonight, I'm going out 'in town' for the first time. I turned 18 on the 5th and because I'm not mental enough to get a fake I.D, have yet to experience the delights of Lincoln's nightlife.
The day after my birthday, someone asked me if I'd gone out the night before. Upon my reply of 'err no I went to Damon's and ate my body weight in ribs' they looked at me with utter contempt, as if I had committed the ultimate sin. I don't understand the infatuation with clubbing, queuing in the cold, finally getting into a sweaty room with drunken, creepy blokes and girls who probably spent hours getting ready, but only managed to get a top on. I would much rather spend an evening in a pub, or a restaurant with friends, relaxing and in close proximity to food. If I'm being brutally honest I'd rather stay home and play the Harry Potter board game, but I've got to leave the house sometime.

So tonight will be interesting, thank the lord we are eating beforehand (have already seen menu so can order promptly) so won't be starving as well as freezing as we wait to enter the club ironically named 'Home' - somewhere I'd rather be.
Scrooging aside, I hope to be pleasantly surprised by tonight, it's for a friend's surprise 18th, so should be a good night. Who knows, I may be drawn in by the bright lights. The repetitive club beats may leave me on a high, as opposed to a low, in a corner, rocking back and forth.

Who knows, one day I too could be this classy... or sassy..or flashy......

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